Decision Support

Multi-stakeholder multi-criteria decisions require progress, when decision makers secure high decision quality, clear decision context, and a sound decision basis to make sure, that right decisions will be brought for relevant problems.
The intuitive user interface of Helision will guide you through the process.

Risk Management

Companies usually have the need to run their business with certain risk management parameters. Some use excel tables, some others run audit protocols to minimize the impact of an unforeseen event. The risk management tool has to be set to the complexity and vulnerability of your business. Underestimating the importance of it is a simple gamble of the company. Helision gives you the best you may find on the market among mathematical core engine driven applications.   

Policy Preparation

In a rapidly changing world it is a hard job to issue policies which stand the requirements of the stakeholders.
The more complex the society is, the more effort will be needed to process the multi-stakeholder multi-criteria database to secure that the policy will last long in serving the need of the society or organization. Helision supports you to keep the process in an established frame. 

Helision is an Overarching Technology from Business Intelligence to Decision & Risk Management