The Application

You can try our sandbox
right away

For trying the Sandbox application you are free to access by clicking on the link. Please bear in mind that Sandbox is a time and function limited version of the application, but it is prepared for gaining an overview on every basic functionality of your decision management process.   


Getting a User Access

You can opt for enquiring higher levels of user experience.
We offer two levels of getting access to our application.

Free Trial Mode:

In the Free Trial Mode you have full access to our application, but with a time limit. After registering you among our users, you will receive a single time access from our administrator to your email.
When you log in for the first time, your 7 days a free trial mode starts.
You can upgrade your profile to unlimited access at any time.   

Full Access Mode:

The Full Access Mode offers you the freedom to use our application. You can choose from different plans, please contact us for more details. Should you be an academic user, please indicate it on your application form. After registering you among our paying users, you will receive a single time online introduction support from our experts.

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