siding with clients is a virtue


Bespoke solutions with scientific support

Our Work Process

Ramping up

In the past two decades we've been helping our clients to set up a complex decision making project. We go through the following steps: Screening, Situation Analysis and Potential for Improvement. In this phase we sketch up the best possible software.


Some organizations decide to get along with their complex decision making projects alone, some others want us to train their team and need interim support, and in some other cases we offer full escort through the entire journey.

Domain specific platform

Our software is prepared to interface the core engine with any kind of business domain, complexity, and desired output. Multi-criteria multi-stakeholder Decision making, Risk management and Policy preparation. You can scale your solution as you wish.


To involve as many decision makers as possible into our methodology, we are more than open to make consultory partnerships. We secure the know-how cooperating with Stockholm University.