Bespoke softwares & cloud based solutions



Embedded system solutions for large organizations. On demand we deliver customized developments independently of the domain.

Cloud based software to overarch your BI through our intuitive UI to your decisions. There is a continuous development to satisfy the needs of the many domains.

Branded online services on demand will be delivered on bespoke development basis. Risk and Decision Management applications in the service of more conscious decisions.

Mastering Decision Cutting Edge Methodology

In 2020 we have started a new development phase to be able to reach more professionals in the Risk and Decision Management arena. In the past two decades we carried out hundreds of projects with the help of our core engine, the DecideIT software. Everything we have learnt through these projects, we have converted into improving the capabilities of our software and services.

By the launching of Helision we take an important step towards the democratization of our highly mathematical approach. We are developing an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface, which supports the decision makers in the best way. We have built a framework for individual and shared workflows, which leads the user through the methodology and offers a high grade of flexibility to upload and store supportive documents to each and every project.

In the City Planning domain we are participating in a EU supported pilot project of two capitals, Vienna and Stockholm. At this domain it is a genuine challenge to collect a large amount of valuable input from the citizens who are concerned about transparent city planning processes. Our modular approach gives solutions to any kind of needs for main and supporting features.