General Projects

If you do not want to use the approach and vocabulary of one or the other domain, you can start your decision making project in general mode. This mode gives you hints and advice on how to construct your decision tree, and how to carry out the evaluation.

City Planning

Modern urban living triggers a new approach from City Halls. With Helision software you will be empowered to create a public decision making ecosystem. Applying the Quad Helix Model on the data collection side, processing this data through Helision, and having support from dedicated experts will make city planning projects more transparent and sustainable.


Procurement processes of complex organizations or municipalities have to secure the highest possible value for the best price for the majority of the stakeholders, by keeping focus on sustainability, and by taking multiple criteria into account. Our technology supports decision makers in achieving better deals for the many.

Bespoke domain development

Your business arena might require a unique and high complexity decision making support, which you would like to keep within the borders of your IT environment. Our patented solution could be embedded into particular business platforms, thus giving a person tailored development to make better decisions

Helision is an Overarching Technology from Business Intelligence to Decision & Risk Management